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Keep on top of hygiene tasks in your kitchen

February 15th , 2023 by

A digital monitoring system can get your hygiene and maintenance schedule running like clockwork with MonikaPrime‘s Team Management software and Smart PA device.

Using a digital system for managing cleaning and maintenance removes paper from hygienic areas and saves time spent checking, filing and accessing records.

A digital system also ensures nothing gets missed or completed ‘retrospectively’ – staff are reminded when tasks are due, and tasks can only be checked off when the staff member is in the designated area at the designated time.

Moreover, your Monika system provides full remote management oversight so that you can monitor and compare KPI performance of all your sites in one place.

Below are examples of routine tasks that you can assign to specific sites, areas/teams and staff members.

Monika Smart PA

Staff complete and log hygiene and maintenance tasks using their Monika Smart PA device

Between shifts

  • Empty & clean rubbish bins
  • Sweep and mop floors and wash floor matting
  • Clean and sanitise equipment e.g. meat slicer
  • Wipe down and sanitise all food preparation areas
  • Clean fryers and grills
  • Wash cloths, aprons and uniforms
  • Refill handwashing supplies.


  • Check all equipment is working properly
  • Check food use-by-dates
  • Clean grease traps
  • Remove and wash exhaust filters
  • Replace foil linings used in cooking equipment
  • Check all crockery for damagKeee which could harbour germs.


  • Clean coffee machine
  • Scrub and de-lime sinks and taps
  • Empty fridges, clean inside and rotate stock
  • Clean drains and ovens.


  • Clean and sanitise dry ingredient storage areas
  • Empty and sanitise ice machine
  • Clean freezers and rotate stock
  • Replace any rodent/pest traps
  • Wash walls and ceilings
  • Clean and remove grease from behind ovens, stoves and fryers.


  • Thoroughly clean and de-grease exhaust systems
  • Clean pilot light housings on all gas cooking equipment.

These are examples only – your Monika system can be fully customised to the tasks that must be completed hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly or at any other interval. For more information or a free demonstration, contact us on 1300 857 025 or via info@monika.com.au

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