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Mobile, HACCP-based food safety and hygiene solution

Manage temperatures, tasks and checks

From incoming goods to food storage, production and service

In a foodservice or production environment, keeping traceable food safety records is vital to meet regulations, pass inspections and achieve best practice.

However, stretched staff can struggle with the burden of manual record-keeping. This can lead to neglect of this critical task during busy periods – and even falsification of records.

With Monika’s 24/7 temperature monitoring, task management tools, remote email/SMS alerts and intuitive reporting software, you can ensure HACCP compliance, remove handwritten records and protect your stock – not to mention reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

Monika makes life easier for food professionals by ensuring:

  • Litigation and disaster control are avoided from a food safety claim or event
  • Time is saved from manually checking cold rooms and fridges two or more times a day
  • Valuable product is rescued thanks to 24/7 email and SMS alerts and escalations
  • Tasks are completed on-time, every-time with full traceability of date/time, outcome and corrective action
  • Internal and external auditing burdens are reduced
  • Expensive refrigeration can be fixed before it fails using Monika diagnostics
  • Energy is saved by fixing struggling refrigeration plant.
Chef checks temperature of stock pot with wireless probe

MonikaPrime is a flexible, customisable system that can be tailored to your unique operational and regulatory environment. It comes in three modules:

  • Equipment Management improves safety and and efficiency by automating data collection from refrigeration and other appliances.
  • Team Management provides a paper-free solution for managing and recording food safety and hygiene tasks, jobs and checks.
  • Enterprise Management provides performance reporting and analysis across multiple sites to support organisation-wide compliance and efficiency.

Manage temperatures

  • Achieve significant time savings by removing manual temperature checks.
  • Sensors simulate core product temperature, rather than measuring just air temperature, for greater accuracy
  • Avoid the cost and inconvenience of stock loss with real time alarms and escalation plans even when your site is unattended
  • Act on alarms and record corrective actions to ensure only safe product is used or retained
  • Identify the cause of alarms and take proactive steps to ensure they do not recur
  • Save energy and costly breakdowns by identifying struggling equipment, maintenance and replacement needs
  • Avoid nuisance alarms by setting temperature limits and recovery times according to product risk

Manage tasks and teams

  • Remove paper from hygienic areas and save time spent checking, filing and accessing records
  • Schedule tasks for quiet periods to optimise the use of staff time
  • Ensure no task gets missed thanks to automated reminders and notifications
  • Intuitive screen prompts enable staff to work quickly and accurately
  • Speed up hand probing by customising Smart Probe product lists in specific locations
  • Automatically record location, time, date and user as tasks are completed for full traceability, minimising errors and falsification
  • Ensure corrective actions are implemented and recorded on the go before it is too late
  • Be more proactive with better use of preventative actions to improve compliance.

Manage multiple sites

MonikaPrime’s intuitive reporting software allows you to easily monitor compliance and build process efficiencies across your entire estate:

  • Identify and act on underperformance by site and region
  • Raise compliance culture by rewarding outstanding performance
  • Identify equipment shortcomings, update maintenance practices and revise equipment purchase specifications
  • Highlight and resolve ineffectively completed jobs and checks, identifying needs for re-training and modifying, adding to or eliminating inadequate procedures
  • Deal with major incidents and manage damage limitation
  • Prioritise and conduct site audits according to KPI achievement
  • Escalate safety threats when unresolved on site.

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