Simplicity at every stage.

We designed the Monika system with hazardous, challenging food and clinical industry environments in mind. PathFinder and TaskMinder combine hygienic BioCote™ protected hardware with user friendly software and robust ZigBee™ wireless connections.


Wireless for
hostile environments

Simplicity at every stage.

How it all works.

Pathfinder: Temperature

Taskminder: Task

Taskminder: Hand

How it all works. How it all works. How it all works.
How it all works.

Off-site but not off-duty

Remote auditing and reporting made easy by real time records. Actual performance is compared to KPIs at regional, divisional and corporate levels with a simple traffic light system, to help managers and auditors quickly identify and improve problem sites.

Monika’s smart wireless monitoring tools give you online access to live performance and compliance records, so you can make sure all arms of your business are operating at the same high standards.

Technology tailored to you.

A Monika system works just as well in a standalone department as it does across regional, national or international sites. Bespoke KPIs and alerts put the spotlight where it’s needed. Multisite businesses can centrally manage policies and store key records online, keeping everyone on the same page.

Technology tailored to you.