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Thank you for your referral

Thanks for referring a potential customer to us! We are just thrilled that you are happy to recommend us to someone in your network.

We’ll get in touch with your contact soon and update you if they choose to install a Monika system. Remember, if they sign up with Monika, you will receive either:

  1. A 10% discount on a Monika system upgrade or extension (installation costs only – excludes software and support)
  2. One free day of user or management training by one of our Field Service Technicians
  3. A full system ‘health check’ where we analyse and update your Monika system – in consultation with you – to ensure it is being used to its full potential.

If you have any questions about our Customer Referral Program, please contact Vicki Konstas on 1300 857 025 or via vkonstas@monika.com.au

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