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Embracing Monika: Insights from Fiona Stanley Hospital

July 10th , 2024 by

Located in Murdoch, Western Australia, Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) stands as a beacon of excellence in clinical care, research and education. The hospital boasts 783 beds and offers a number of comprehensive health services for both children and adults alike. At the heart of its patient catering services is Genaveve Palmer, the Catering Manager, who ensures that all meal services adhere to the highest food safety standards.

The Role of Monika’s Digital Solution

Since the hospital’s opening in 2014, FSH has relied on Monika’s digital solution to help maintain critical food safety protocols. Initially, the hospital used Monika’s Legacy System, which played a crucial role in the kitchen’s operations. Genaveve reflects on the system’s impact:

“We have been very lucky to have Monika since FSH opened. Staff have responded to the digital system well, it holds them accountable as things are time and date stamped with staff member ‘signature’.”

Transition to MonikaPrime

Recently, FSH migrated to MonikaPrime, a transition eased by the staff’s familiarity with Monika’s user-friendly features. This upgrade has further streamlined operations and enhanced accountability.

“Implementing the upgrade was a natural progression for FSH. The system has always worked well and has been used since the opening of the hospital. The new upgraded version has been well accepted by the staff. The system helps the hospital to allocate responsibility and accountability to the users.”

Embracing MonikaPrime

FSH leverages both Monika’s equipment and team management features to monitor valuable stock across nearly 80 units and digitalise their cleaning and hygiene forms.

“At FSH we utilise the functions offered by Monika, the task scheduling, live monitoring of the main Kitchen and clinical areas. Pre-start checklists have been uploaded from our paper version to be completed on the PD at set times and days.”

Monika’s live temperature monitoring capabilities are particularly valuable, alleviating pressure on Genaveve and her team by ensuring they are alerted if a fridge moves out of its safe range. This continuous monitoring guarantees the safety and quality of the food prepared for the hospital’s patients. Genaveve summarises the importance of the visibility provided by Monika;

“The previous system and the current system has helped FSH to identify if a fridge was running safely during the night as it allows you to monitor the temperature 24/7. The upgrade to the cloud base system allowed easier access for all employees.”

Fiona Stanley Hospital’s integration of MonikaPrime exemplifies the successful application of digital solutions in healthcare settings. The seamless transition and effective utilisation of Monika’s digital solution underscore the importance of innovative technology in maintaining high standards of food safety. Through this partnership, FSH continues to set a benchmark for excellence in patient care and safety.

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